Project Suspension

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Project Suspension

Post  asomath on Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:25 pm

As of August 21, 2012, this branch of the Might and Magic Tribute project has been formally suspended. We thank all of the support given to us over the past couple of years, and the same for support given during Sir Felgar's and Ribannah's lead. Also huge thanks to Schveider who, without, we could not have even had the periods of productivity that we did.

As for me, I have been invited to join the Might and Magic X project. They have brought me in to shore up some of their weaker fronts, which I am glad to say are few. After being debriefed on the status of MMX, seeing the projects infrastructure, and looking at the active team roster, I am pleased to say that MMX's has the momentum, the deadlines and the capability to tackle the project it has set out to do. In my eyes, MMX is one of the last great attempts at continuing the Might and Magic Saga. I will do everything I can to ensure its success, and I know others will do the same.

Until then, Might and Magic Eternal,

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